Welcome to the Insaka eCommerce Academy!

Dec 15, 2017

Welcome to the Insaka eCommerce Academy!

The Insaka eCommerce Academy was founded in late 2017 and launched early in 2018. The vision of the team behind Insaka is to help 100,000 South African entrepreneurs to start and grow their own online businesses.

Small and medium businesses are driving the growth of South Africa’s economy and they are also the biggest opportunity for the reduction of unemployment. Additionally, there has been a recent growth in eCommerce sales in SA and we believe that driving online businesses in SA will be a driving force to grow the economy.

In 2017 South Africa’s eCommerce sales made up just over 1% of the total sales of the economy. Worldwide there is a recognized “1% tipping point” whereby once a country hits this point then the growth starts to accelerate and grow more and more rapidly. This is an exciting time for eCommerce in SA and we are encouraging as many entrepreneurs as possible to take advantage of this opportunity by launching their online stores.

 Insaka offers a selection of online courses to help you no matter which phase of your business you are in. If you are thinking of an online business idea but you’re not sure it’ll work, we’ve got a free course called “Online Business Idea Validation” or if you’re trying to figure out how to start your website then check out our step-by-step course on getting your eCommerce website live. If you’re more advanced and already have an online store up and running but want to improve it then we have a whole range of video courses to help you grow.

 Additionally, we are bringing all online business owners together in the free-to-join private Facebook group. This is an invaluable resource where you can ask fellow online entrepreneurs for help on challenges which you’re having and you can return the favour by sharing your experiences to help others with their challenges. There are also a number of well established and successful industry leaders who get involved to help where they can.

 Here’s a welcome video with Insaka’s Founder and CEO Warrick Kernes