Discover How to Grow Your Online Sales while Working Smarter, not Harder

Are you struggling to get more sales for your website?

For over a decade we’ve tried different strategies and tactics to see what works in SA and we’ve now come up with an easy action list to grow your sales.

It’s a simple process of quick-to-implement changes which will bring long lasting improvements to your business.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that your efforts will bring results? 

Join SA’s only eCommerce Mastermind to get the training, support and community to take you to the Next Level.

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From The Desk of Warrick Kernes, SA’s eCommerce Expert

Building a successful eCommerce business is tough! Especially if you’re trying to do it all on your own with very limited capital… 

And worse yet, how the heck are you supposed to build, grow and scale your online business IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW!

This is like playing “pin the tail on the donkey” – you have no clue what you’re doing!

And I get it, it can feel REALLY overwhelming when you simply don’t have enough money, knowledge, man-power and time in the day to dedicate to all the tasks you’d like in your business.

Not to mention having to go through it all alone without knowing if your efforts will pay off for you by the end of it.

And If you’re like most entrepreneurs that I work with, you got into this business to create more freedom in your life…

Not to spend all day hustling your face off to get ACTUAL results in your business!

So if you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and disheartened about not making the progress in your business that you would like, then you’re probably already wondering how long you can hold out before you need to pack it all in and go back to working for a boss.

BUT, I want to make it clear that you are not alone! Believe me, I’ve been there too.

Most people think that growing a thriving eCommerce business requires more TIME, MONEY and CAPACITY but the truth is if you really want to move the needle in your business then you need a PROVEN PROCESS for success delivered by someone who has been there, done that and nailed the process!

And if you choose to keep doing things the same way you’ve always done them, then unfortunately, NOTHING is going to change in your business and all the problems you’re currently facing will remain unsolved.

You’ll simply be stuck with more of the same… No results, no transformation and no success.

BUT, imagine for just a moment that… 

… You have the freedom of being your own boss

… You’re able to work from where you want, when you want

… You have a successful business with products that you’re passionate about

… You see new orders every time you log in to your store

… You’re “That Person” who’s actually running a thriving online store

… And you have the know-how and confidence to GROW your business!

Wouldn’t all of this be amazing?

Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer because your solution is finally here...

Introducing eCommerce Next Level, the step-by-step, nothing-missed-out, program to INCREASE your conversion rate, DRIVE UP your traffic, AUTOMATE your systems, help you GROW as a business leader and SCALE your online store for success!

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Connect with other South African’s who are selling online.

Learn with them and from them.

  • Inside Next Level you’ll have a library of training and content to guide your business from Level 1 to Level 5 of the eCommerce Next Level Success Path™.
  • Training is done by SA’s top eCommerce experts and covers topics like Facebook Ads, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Deliveries, Finances, Product Sourcing, Payments, Team Building, Google Ads and much, much more! 
  • Each month has themed training and on a weekly basis you’ll receive bite-sized high-value pieces of content such as industry expert interviews, Q&A sessions, templates, hacks & more. 
  • Along with other industry experts, the head coach is South Africa’s eCommerce Expert Warrick Kernes. He built his eCommerce business from Zero to over R1m per month and he now shares his best advice and tips with you. 
  • You’ll join a thriving community made up of SA entrepreneurs who, like you, are selling online. This will be the best place to network and to get support as you know that everyone else in this group is on the same journey as you.
  • Provided you remain a member in good standing, you’ll have lifetime unlimited access to the training and all future updates
  • Plus, You'll get access to our Partner Coupons which include deals from companies like... 
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Join "eCommerce Next Level" Today!

A Sneak Peek at What to Expect


What is the eCommerce Next Level Success Path™ ?

The Success Path™ is the core content of the training. It’s kinda like NetFlix for eCommerce business owners in SA as all the training is ready and waiting for you to work through whenever you want!

Read the description of each level to identify which level you and your website is currently on. Then start working through the training in that level to move up to the Next Level.

Success Path Levels Table

The Weekly Content area inside the Members Hub is where you’ll find a constant flow of new training on a weekly basis. Each month of the year is themed and within each month you’ll get four theme-related bits of training. This includes Expert Interviews, Templates / Checklists, Live Q&A sessions and more.

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Take Your eCommerce Store to the Next Level!

Join "eCommerce Next Level" Today!

Why you NEED to Join eCommerce Next Level...

  • This can be a lonely journey and you may often feel overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to figure out the best way to grow your business. Now you can team up with others who are on the same journey and you can get expert advice at your fingertips.  
  • There are so few eCommerce events and conferences in SA but you’ll now have access to a continual flow of industry updates and relevant training. (Plus the investment is WAY LESS than most once off events!) 
  • You don’t have the time to continually research industry trends and to study ways to improve every part of your business. We’ll do it for you and deliver bite-sized, actionable training straight to your desktop or phone app. 
  • People need your products so you need to help them find your site.
  • With just a low monthly investment you’ll be able to make a BIG impact in your business and your profitability. It actually works out cheaper than one cappuchino per day! 
  • It’s actually easier than you think when someone shows you exactly what to do and how to do it! 

We’ve helped hundreds of SA eCommerce businesses before. Here’s what some of them have to say…

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"To say this is life changing for our business is an understatement!"

To say this is life changing for our business is an understatement! From floundering in this complex world of eCommerce we have started to see the interconnectedness of it all.

Andrea Evans-Leverton


"If you'd like to learn everything about eCommerce, look no further..."

If you'd like to learn everything about eCommerce in South Africa, look no further than the Insaka eCommerce Academy! I've received far more value than what I paid for!

Kia Jadwat


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"Insaka has educated me with the skills to be a success in the eCommerce industry!"

Insaka has educated me with the skills to be a success in the eCommerce industry. The tools, techniques & strategies are invaluable to the SA entrepreneur.

Ricardo Lognath



So, What Is The Investment For

“eCommerce Next Level”?

The mistake most people make is they think the “figure it out myself” route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.

Or worse… the costs associated with every mistake you make. 

 So next, people just say, “Okay, can I just pay someone to do it for me?”

Yes, that’s possible! You can hire a website developer and a digital marketing agency but if they’re to do a decent job you’ll need to budget at least R10,000 per month for someone good (and a portion of this will go to their management fees!)

If you’re like us, you want to know how to grow the website yourself so that you are confident and capable to make changes and grow your business. The only solution is to MASTER this for yourself! 

This is your chance to learn from SA’s Experts so you can skyrocket your learning curve in as little time as possible. 

The total value of everything included in this course is R 42,750.00

But right now you can join for a small monthly investment of just R547! 

And, because I know this program works, I'm including a FULL money back guarantee! Keep scrolling to read all about it...


Join "eCommerce Next Level" Today!
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We Offer A Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not happy with the program, I will refund you in full!

Because I get it… Maybe you’ve been burned in the past.

And to set your mind at ease, all I can really do is give you my word and tell you that’s not going to happen here.

But that might not be enough for you…

That's why I am including a 30-day, NO questions asked, full 100% money back guarantee!

Which means, if for any reason you don't like the program, maybe it’s not what you wanted, it's not what you expected, the fit just isn't right or for whatever the reason…

Then all you have to do is email our customer support at [email protected] and I will happily give you all your money back.

Now you can invest in eCommerce Next Level with full peace of mind and the confidence of knowing that there is truly NO WAY to ever be ripped off.

For this reason, I hope that I've made my case that you can join this program absolutely RISK FREE.

In fact, I'm actually putting all the risk on me - that's how much I believe in this training!

You'll also get these BONUSES...

1) Exclusive VIP Access to the eCommerce Virtual Summit 2021: Get a free VIP ticket (worth R500) to SA's biggest eCommerce Event and get full access to all the presentations by over 20+ of the country's top eCommerce experts.

2) Member Discounts: SA’s top eCommerce service providers offer exclusive discounts to members. Get deals from PayFast, uAfrica, Pricebeater, Workshop17, Shopping Feeder and more.

3) Members Only VIP Mastermind: Network with other eCommerce Entrepreneurs who are already trading online and who are, like you, committed to growing their businesses.

4) How to Predict the Success of a Product: Warrick shares his best tip on how he predicts whether a product, brand or new business will be successful. He’ll show you how you can do this too.  

5) PUDO Voucher: Get instant access to a R1000 voucher from The Courier Guy to use for their PUDO lockers.

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The Choice Is Yours, What Will It Be?

So now it’s time for you to make one of two choices…

The first choice would be to do nothing. And as you already know, if you decide to do nothing, then unfortunately nothing will change for you or your business.

BUT, if you already know you want to build a THRIVING eCommerce store that affords you MORE freedom, then your choice is obvious – Join us inside eCommerce Next Level to GROW your online store while working SMARTER, not harder!

Simply click the button below to join me on the inside!

But choose QUICKLY because the enrolment period for eCommerce Next Level won’t be open for much longer!

Registrations are only open until Thursday (22 April) at midnight, which is around the corner! And after that, enrolment will only be open again in the next six months! Which is quite some time before the doors open again.

The reason for this is so that I can direct my full attention towards helping all the new students who have signed up for the program.

So don’t let fear keep you from doing something you KNOW your future self will thank you for!

Join us inside eCommerce Next Level today to TRANSFORM your business and your life.

Join eCommerce Next Level Today!

Monthly Instalments

R547 /m

Most Affordable

  • Full access to Success Path Training (worth over R40k)
  • Weekly Training and Monthly Themes
  • Access to Members Only VIP Mastermind
  • R1,000 PUDO Voucher from The Courier Guy
  • No contract or price increases. Leave when you want
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Annual Instalments

R5470 /y

Get 2 Months Free

  • Full access to Success Path Training (worth over R40k)
  • Weekly Training and Monthly Themes
  • Access to Members Only VIP Mastermind
  • R1,000 PUDO Voucher from The Courier Guy
  • 30-Minute One-on-one coaching session worth R1,000
  • No contract or price increases. Leave when you want
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Lifetime Access

R7997 Once-off

Best Value

  • Full access to Success Path Training (worth over R40k)
  • Weekly Training and Monthly Themes
  • Access to Members Only VIP Mastermind
  • R1,000 PUDO Voucher from The Courier Guy
  • 60-Minute One-on-one coaching session worth R2,000
  • Lifetime access to all core training, weekly bonuses & Mastermind
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Time left to join:









Let’s Recap Everything You’ll Be Getting When You Join eCommerce Next Level Today!

5 core training modules designed to guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know to Grow, Manage and Scale your eCommerce business.

4 bite-sized, high-value pieces of content delivered every month in your course library such as industry expert interviews, Q&A sessions, templates and hacks.

Training done by SA’s top eCommerce experts on topics such as Facebook Ads, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Deliveries, Finances, Product Sourcing, Payments, Team Building, Google Ads and much more!

Multiple bonuses and discounts from SA’s top eCommerce Service Providers like PayFast, uAfrica, Shopping Feeder, DropStore, Pricebeater and many more.

A R1000 voucher from The Courier Guy for their PUDO lockers.

A VIP ticket to SA’s biggest eCommerce event – the PayFast eCommerce Virtual Summit for 2021 worth R500.

Access to an Exclusive Members-Only Mastermind.

Plus so much more!

About Warrick Kernes

Warrick is an award winning eCommerce entrepreneur with eCom experience in South Africa and Europe. While working with an eCommerce start up in London he won the award for “London’s Outstanding Young Business Person of 2009” in the HSBC London Business Awards. In 2010 he returned home to South Africa and founded the award winning eCommerce store Action Gear. This business grew to doing well over R1m per month before Warrick exited the business early in 2018. 

Towards the end of 2017 Warrick had founded the Insaka eCommerce Academy to pursue his passion for helping other South African entrepreneurs to succeed in selling online. To further this goal, Warrick has guest lectured on eCommerce at the WITS Business School to the MBA class, he’s become a board member of the eCommerce Forum of Africa, he regularly contributes to the Entrepreneur Magazine and he has published an ebook focused on how to start a successful online store in South Africa.

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