Warrick Kernes featured on kykNET with Divan Botha discussing South Africa’s adoption to the eCommerce market

Nov 11, 2020

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South Africa’s first eCommerce Performance Index, conducted by PayFast, argues the fact that “COVID-19 has accelerated local eCommerce adoption by as much as three to five years”.

Divan Botha and his panel; Warrick Kerns, CEO of The Insaka eCommerce Academy & Board Member at The eCommerce Forum of Africa, and Claudia Schonitz, Head of Insights at HaveYouHeard, discuss South African’s adoption to the eCommerce market, as well as the ‘post Covid-19 Consumer’. 

Warrick Kernes goes on to comment on topics such as the growth in eCommerce in South Africa, consumers looking to eCommerce as an alternative revenue-generating opportunity and how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way business is traditionally done.

To watch the full interview and panel discussion click here.

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