Attention All Takealot Vendors, The Courier Guy has Great News to Share!

Nov 03, 2020

The news that The Courier Guy would no longer be titled a ‘preferred supplier’ for deliveries into the Takealot warehouse, came with it a thick sense of unease among Takealot Marketplace Sellers who were making use of The Courier Guy as their preferred courier.

However, fears and concerns regarding the repercussions of this change were finally put to bed thanks to a personal press release sent out by The Courier Guy to all its Takealot vendors.

The press release stated in no uncertain terms that all Takealot inbound deliveries done with The Courier Guy would commence as normal, without any interruption.

Basically, Marketplace Sellers can rest assured that deliveries using The Courier Guy for Takealot inbound deliveries will operate in the exact same way as they did before.

The press release communicated sincere gratitude to its clients and went on to explain that through their service levels, The Courier Guy has become one of the largest inbound couriers into Takealot and will continue to service Takealot vendors despite not being selected as a ‘preferred courier’.

The Courier Guy will continue to deliver parcels into the respective Takealot warehouses in the pre-allocated booking slots and there will be no change in the process.

This means that clients can continue to allocate purchase orders (PO’s) to The Courier Guy in the Takealot Self Service Booking System, as per the guideline below:

The release went on to say that the current status of not being a Takealot ‘preferred courier’ will not have a negative impact on the rates offered to its Takealot Vendors.

Rather, to reiterate their commitment to loyal customers, The Courier Guy announced a reduction on Takealot rates, effective as of 1 January 2021.

The current preferred rates offered by The Courier Guy to clients shipping parcels into Takealot has been the following:

  • R105 for the first 20kg and R3.50 p/kg thereafter for national (ex VAT)
  • R65 per piece up to 30kg for local rates (ex VAT)
  • R55 per local flyerbag (ex VAT)

Their reduced rates however, effective 1 January 2021, will be the following:

  • R95 for the first 20kg and R3.00 p/kg thereafter for national (ex VAT)
  • R60 per piece up to 30kg for local rates (ex VAT)
  • R50 per local flyerbag (ex VAT)

All in all, this votes well for Takealot vendors using The Courier Guy and it is clear that Marketplace Sellers can rest assured that everything is back to normal.



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