How to contact Shopify South Africa

Jan 21, 2019

Shopify doesn’t have an official office in South Africa but they have made it very easy to contact them and get world-class support. 

You can dial the South African landline number 012 940 1069 for 24hr support which you’ll receive from their international call centre. 

Our favourite support option is to use the Guru chatline where you can chat live with a Shopify Guru. If need be you can grant them access to your Shopify admin panel to they can really help fix your problem. 

Lastly, if you prefer to find the answer yourself then you can immerse yourself into their thorough Help Center. 

If you have questions specific to South African challenges then feel free to post your question on the Insaka eCommerce Community where you’ll get instant access to hundreds of South African eCommerce entrepreneurs.

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