pudo - an innovative logistics solution for small online businesses of South Africa

Nov 10, 2021

Having gone from 300 lockers to over 850 lockers in just under a year, it is clear that pudo is making a huge impact on the South African market, and especially among small business owners.

Their contactless, easy-to-use delivery system, allows small businesses to focus on client service while they take care of ensuring your parcels are delivered in a convenient and timeous manner. 

Christina Vracar recommended pudo on Facebook saying “Hey pudo, I just want to say you guys are awesome. Thank you for creating an affordable courier solution. I have been using you for my small business this past week and I'm very impressed! Your system is easy to use and you are fast. I also love that we can use our own packaging. This helps keep my business green by using no plastic courier bags. Good job!”

With such an easy-to-use system, you would expect the prices to reflect a “convenience markup” but on the contrary. While many courier companies upped their prices due to Covid19, pudo dropped theirs.

The costs depend on the size of the package that you are sending and varies between R50 and R200.

pudo is even offering specials for the month of October through to the end of December, with R40 to courier a small parcel and R50 for all the other sizes, for locker to locker, anywhere in South Africa. 

With this cost-effective strategy, pudo is enabling small businesses to not only be affordable but enable profitability too. Because of this, more and more businesses are turning to them as their preferred courier of choice. 

Mpho Nosipho had this to say about the courier company; “PUDO has made my life, as a small business owner so easy. No stress of having to wait in queues, no paperwork plus less fees. My deliveries get delivered on time to my customers. I love it” 

This means that small businesses can now offer their customers an affordable, timely, and safe courier option for their products. 

And with the e-commerce boom looming over South Africa, securing a courier that has logistics, price, and convenience covered is the way to go.

So come on guys - just pudo it!



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