Thurs10amLIVE Ep4: Preparing for the Festive Season Rush

Nov 29, 2018

Prepare your site for the festive season rush Video 23 mins

Having just wrapped up your BFCM campaign don’t get caught off guard as the festive season rush kicks off in the next few days. In this free video training, Warrick explains what you need to do to prepare your inventory, plan your deals, how to work with suppliers and couriers and lots more. Use these helpful tips to get the most out of this Christmas season.  



Warrick Kernes


Recognised as one of South Africa’s leading experts in eCommerce Warrick Kernes has started multiple online stores with some reaching consistent sales of over R1m per month. Warrick is the founder and CEO of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and is dedicated to growing SA’s eCommerce industry and helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their own successful online stores.