[Podcast] Marnus Broodryk interviews Warrick Kernes

Aug 08, 2019

Marnus Broodryk is a rockstar entrepreneur. He was a self-made millionaire by 24, he is a Shark on SA’s Sharktank TV show, he owns an accounting firm, he helps other entrepreneurs through SME.Africa and he also has a podcast to share the stories of other successful South African entrepreneurs. 

In this episode, Marnus interviews Warrick Kernes, the founder of the Insaka eCommerce Academy, and they dive into Warrick’s previous eCommerce successes (and failures) and together they come up with some inspiring thoughts on how others can achieve success online in SA. 

Listen to the podcast below or scroll down to open in Spotify or iTunes.


Listen to "Secrets from an E-commerce Expert [EP9 S2]" on Spreaker.




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