PayFast’s Ecommerce Performance Index for 2020

Nov 03, 2020

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In PayFast’s first-ever eCommerce Performance (PEP) Index, they unpack how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated local eCommerce adoption by as much as three to five years.

As internet and mobile penetration continues to increase, businesses will need to embrace new eCommerce tools and enhance existing processes to keep up in an increasingly competitive market.

PayFast has partnered with some incredible experts, including Warrick Kernes, CEO of Insaka eCommerce Academy to provide further insight into the growing eCommerce industry.

You can catch the full replay to PayFast’s virtual event here.

The event outlines some key predictions for the sector, explores how the pandemic has shaped consumer behaviour, and analyses payment data from the PayFast engine to understand the impact of the current eCommerce boom.

Additionally, you can download the final PDF report on PayFast’s Ecommerce Performance Index (PEP) for 2020 here.



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