How to Validate your Business on Google

Jul 11, 2018

Get your business to show on Google Maps and on the right side of the Google search page

Validating your business does several things, which makes it a must-do action item as you’re working to get your site exposure and ranking on Google. 

Firstly, once your business is validated by Google the “Knowledge Panel” will be activated. This is the information bar which shows on the right-hand side of page one when you search for other companies. The “Knowledge Panel” includes a whole bunch of useful info like opening hours, address, contact details, website link, Google reviews, and more. This is a fantastic branding exercise and freely available to you (once you’ve followed the process explained below). 

Secondly, validating your business with Google is how you get your business to appear on Google Maps. The pin will show at your address and people will be able to find your business when they search related terms on Google Maps. This will drive more sales to your brick and mortar location or if you’re a purely online business then this will still serve to build customer trust. 

Lastly, as soon as your business is validated by Google you will see an immediate increase in your website’s organic ranking. Your SEO will benefit immensely from following this process so be sure to do it. 

Watch our YouTube video below which explains what you need to do in order to make all of this happen. It’s pretty easy, so go ahead and tick this off your list. 

*As a note to the video below; although Google said they would send us a postcard (yes, I know – postcard!?) in order to validate our address, they thankfully realized that South Africa’s postal service is useless and twenty days after submitting our business for validation we had a phone call from Google to validate the business instead of their normal postcard process. They asked a few security questions and 24 hours later Insaka was validated.



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