Import Customs Fees

Nov 11, 2018

When importing products into South Africa you need to know what customs fees you will pay when your imported products arrive at South African customs. In this blog post, you’ll find out how to know what customs fee there will be for your imported product.


Every product internationally is assigned to an HS Tariff Code (also known as a Tariff Heading) so your first job is to find the HS Tariff code for the product that you will be importing. You can search online but if you get the wrong Tariff code then your calculations will be wrong so we advise speaking to your supplier who will be able to give you the exact right HS Tariff code for the product in question.

Once you receive this code you need to check what import duty SARS have assigned to this tariff code. To download the SARS document showing the import duties for each tariff heading simply complete your details below…


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