Covid-19 safety measures that online sellers must adhere to

May 18, 2020

As all of us online sellers breath a collective sigh of relief that we can start trading again without strict restrictions of what can and cannot be sold, it's important to remember that we need to adhere to strict safety measures as outlined below be the eCommerce Forum of South Africa (EFSA). 

E-shops of whatever size should these follow government requirements. These require respecting social distancing (1.5 meters); wearing cloth masks; sanitizing hands when entering and exiting the workplace; wearing gloves when handling good (including packaging and parcels).

As online sellers are must abide by the Covid-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the workplace

Instructions for getting the necessary forms when fulfilling orders via courier/delivery companies in SA.

  1. If your company is registered at CIPC
  2. Go to to download a certificate allowing you to sell online. Tick the box “Wholesale, Retail and Spaza Shops (or Supply Chain, if you are delivering);
  3. Then go to click on Media Room and on COVID-19, download and complete Form 2 which you will need to show delivery/courier companies for them to carry your goods.

If you are a sole proprietor and not registered at CIPC, go directly to step 3 - visit click on Media Room and on COVID-19, download and complete Form 2 which you will need to show delivery/courier companies for them to carry your goods. We also recommend that you carry an invoice or receipt for the goods marked clearly "sold by eCommerce".

For Exports
Note export restrictions exist, and you will need an ITEC permit. Go  for necessary certificate.

In addition the EFSA calls all online sellers to: 

  • Test staff with a thermometer on arriving and every 4 hours.
  • When fulfilling orders sanitize all packaging;
  • Ensure that companies that deliver your products follow the South African Express Parcel Association (SAEPA) Protocol
  • If you deliver yourself, ensure that your delivery staff follow the SAEPA Protocol
  • If you use a contact center ensure that it follows the requirements of the Contact Center Management Group (CCMG)
  • If you run a contact center ensure that you follow the requirements of the CCMG

Further information is available from:


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