Sourcing WINNING Products – eBook

So many people dream of setting up their own successful business and the idea of selling online is the best place to start but so many stop before they even get started.

They’ve already overcome a few hurdles but why would they stop now?

They stop because it’s so hard to find a product that you believe will be your WINNING product. Something that you can invest your hard earned money into with the complete confidence that it will sell and bring you a sustainable profit so you’ll be able to build a sustainable and profitable business with.

This is exactly why Warrick Kernes wrote his latest eBook. Warrick is an award winning eCommerce entrepreneur who built his South African online business from zero to over R1m per month. He was the first person in Africa to be selling GoPro and later his company had the import rights for DJI drones.

Since starting to sell online in 2008 he’s learnt the secret to finding a WINNING product to sell online in SA and now you can learn this too.