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In this Free 5-Step Starter Course...

Warrick Kernes will guide you step-by-step so that you learn how to: 

  1. Implement the best practices for starting your online store to achieve long term success 
  2. Add products (if you don't have products yet, we've got a BIG surprise for you!)
  3. Set up a payment gateway so you can take various types of online payments
  4. Design your website's home page (trust me, it's easier than you think), and then...
  5. Turn it on so it's live and ready to make sales!

You can do all of this for FREE even if you have no experience with websites. All it will take is about 2 hours of your time. It's easier than you think - let us show you how!

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FREE Suppliers List

Need products to sell? Get access to our list of over 100+ local suppliers who are successfully selling online and are ready and willing to work with you right now 💪

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Meet Your Coach

Warrick Kernes first started in eCommerce back in 2008. He's won multiple business awards in SA and Europe and has built SA online stores from zero to over R1m month-on-month with total online sales of over R100m.

Warrick is the founder of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and has helped thousands of South African entrepreneurs to achieve more success with online selling. 

Warrick won the international award as Shopify's Top Education Partner of 2021. This means that you can trust that this training is some of the best available.