Easily validate whether your online business idea is a winner (or not) using a logical thought process backed by over a decade of eCommerce experience


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  1. The truth about whether eCommerce is a good business opportunity or not
  2. The easiest way to find winning products to sell online
  3. The time it takes to create a profitable eCommerce business
  4. A full breakdown of the costs involved when building an online store
  5. The secret to dealing with competitors in the market so that you stand out online
  6. How to build your own online store without having to hire an expensive website developer
  7. Next steps to build a successful eCommerce store

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Meet Your Coach

Warrick Kernes first started in eCommerce back in 2008. He's won multiple business awards in SA and Europe and has built SA online stores from zero to over R1m month-on-month with total online sales of over R100m.

Warrick is the founder of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and has helped thousands of South African entrepreneurs to achieve more success with online selling. 

Warrick has won multiple business awards across Europe and Africa and was recently named Shopify's Top Education Partner for 2021. This means that you can trust that this training is some of the best available.

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