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Learn How to Sell Online in SA!

Discover how to Start, Launch & Grow Your Own Online Store in 5 Weeks or Less.

Everyone wants to be selling online because it is the future of business and with COVID-19 forcing more people to shop online right now, newspapers have said this is a watershed moment for online sales in SA. The growth curve is about to kick into an even higher gear.

Having an online business allows you to work how you want and from where you want. BUT, how do you actually do it? There’s so much confusing information out there and it’s hard to know what to do next to actually start or grow your online store. 

Let me cut through the clutter and show you EXACTLY how to start, launch and grow Your Online Store in South Africa right now!

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ENROL in "Your Online Store" Course Today

Learn from SA’s eCommerce Expert Warrick Kernes to see exactly what he did (and what you can do too!) to fully understand eCommerce & get Your Online Store up & running!

  • You’ll understand every aspect by watching bite-sized, step-by-step video tutorials covering each and every step that you need to take.
  • We’ll recommend the exact right services and software partners that you can use in South Africa (no more American YouTube videos talking about PayPal and FedEx!)
  • You’ll receive discounts, coupons and free trials of many of the leading SA eCommerce service providers. The value of these discounts may even cover your investment in the course!
  • Join the Members Only VIP group to work together with others who are on this journey.
  • For the next 5 weeks you'll receive a weekly bonus coaching video to keep you on track. 
  • Once you launch your store we’ll do a free eCommerce Audit to give you our recommendations to make Your Online Store even more amazing!
  • Plus, you’ll have lifetime unlimited access to the course and all future updates!

What You’re Getting Inside the Complete “Your Online Store Training Course


The course is a 6 Module, Step-by-Step Video Training Course that starts by validating your business idea before walking you through the steps of Starting, Launching and Growing your own online store! It guides you each step of the way and nothing is left out!

Designed to take 5 weeks to complete if you’re working full time or much quicker if you have more time (yes, you get full access to all the modules immediately). Previous students have launched sites in just 3 days!


Below is an overview of some of what you’ll get…

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Module 1: Getting Started

  • Course Resources
  • Vision (Personal & Business)
  • Setting up the business admin
  • Finding a winning product to sell
  • Validating the business opportunity
  • Introduction to CMS platform
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Module 2: Starting the Store

  • Registration process
  • Theme, branding, logo, pages
  • Linking URL to store
  • Checkout and payment gateway
  • VAT and Shipping settings
  • Abandoned carts and order emails
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Module 3: Building the Store

  • Adding products
  • Categorising product ranges
  • Menus and navigation set up
  • Creating a blog and your first post
  • Recommended apps and add-ons
  • How to backup your site
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Module 4: Website Launch!

  • Launch day checklist
  • Test orders
  • Getting your 1st real orders
  • The right way to get feedback
  • Inventory management
  • Tips on courier deliveries in SA
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Module 5: Marketing & Scaling

  • Building free traffic
  • The best paid ads to use
  • Converting traffic to sales
  • Social media
  • Building customer trust
  • Marketplaces and sales channels
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Module 6: Bonus Courses

  • How to set up your SA business
  • How to get funding
  • Award winning customer service
  • How to import into SA
  • Manage & reduce returns
  • How to sell lost on Takealot

Creating Your Online Store is as easy as 1… 2… 3!

ENROL in "Your Online Store" Course Today

Why you NEED to do this course

There's a lot changing right now because of The Corona Virus. Perhaps you need to take this opportunity to create a new source of revenue or perhaps you just have the time on your hands now and want to set up a side-hustle. Either way the eCommerce is growing rapidly because of the current situation and this is now a great opportunity for you. 

If you’re not ‘techy’ or if you don’t have experience in building websites then this is ABSOLUTELY for you as we’ll take you through each and every step. You can re-watch each lesson so you can do it in your own time, at your own pace!

You don’t have the time to figure this out through trial and error while falling behind the competition. One of our alumni students, Charl, says it best; “After wanting to tackle e-commerce for years, I have finally done so. For the first time, I now understand the minefield of what is required to start and run a successful e-commerce business in South Africa. It has saved me 100’s of hours”

Too many entrepreneurs pay a development company a lot of money for a nice website but they don’t teach you how to manage the site so you end up tied into an expensive monthly retainer. We’ll teach you to build, run and grow your own business. 

Starting up any business requires start-up capital but we’ll show you how to keep your running costs as low as possible. We run one of our stores for a total of only R450 per month.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell yet in we’ll teach you how to find a winning product to sell and how to evaluate the business idea. We also have multiple suppliers from different industries who are ready to work with you. 

As I’ve been selling online for over 12 years I’ll teach you how to manage your deliveries and how to choose the best courier partner for delivering your online orders.

If you’ve tried selling online before but weren’t able to grow your sales then you’ll be pleased that we take you through a thorough process so you know exactly how to do this!

We even teach you how to build trust with your customers, how to reduce returns and what you can do to avoid fraudsters.

It’s actually easier than you think when I take you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it! 

What Some of our Successful Students Have to Say...

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Nalisha Pillay


"I followed it step by step and within 3 days my site was up & ready. The tips, discounts & support we received is invaluable. The training not just helps you set you up an online store, as I’ve come to realise that that’s the easy part, instead it sets you up success."

Carolyn Ashmore


"The Insaka e-commerce academy is amazing! The course helped me launch my store in no time at all. It gave me the confidence to go for it and to know I was doing it right!"

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Roelof Potgieter


"Your course made a huge difference in the way we approach online selling. Thank you for what you offer SA startups! There are so many one hit wonders on the internet with courses and guides but you are a true champion!"

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Mim Gerhardt


"If you haven't done a course with Warrick and you're struggling to get the gist of online... then do it! Trust me... he shares valuable "nuggets" of information, he's authentic and experienced."

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Milton Reddy


"If you don't have the skills & would like a good foundation, I would recommend the course. Honestly the best money I've invested in the last year and it allowed me to build a site from start to finish with all the SA resources."

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Karin van Riet


"Warrick is absolutely fantastic and the Insaka Online Store course is worth every single cent."


So, How Much Does The “Your Online Store” Course Cost?


The mistake most people make is they think the “figure it out myself” route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.

Or worse… the costs associated with every mistake you make. 

 So next, people just say, “Okay, can I just pay someone to do it for me?”

Yes, that’s possible! You can hire a private developer or a development agency and you can expect to pay R15,000 to R55,000 for a site similar to what you can build yourself using the “Your Online Store” process… And because you don’t fully understand how to manage the site you will be tied into a retainer fee of about R5,000 every month! 

If you’re like me, you want to know how to manage the website so that you are confident and capable to make changes and grow your business. The only solution is to MASTER this for yourself! 

This is your chance to learn from SA’s expert so you can skyrocket your learning curve in little to no time.  

The total value of everything included in this course is R83,250

But right now you can master my ENTIRE “Your Online Store” System for an investment of just R9,997 or 6 easy installments of R1,997

Plus, we have a 30-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

That’s right, if you are not happy with the course we will refund you in full – so there is no risk to you.

ENROL in "Your Online Store" Course Today
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Bonus Mini-Courses Included…

1) How to Set up your SA Business: We cover how to register a PTY Ltd company with CIPC,  how to open a business bank account and how to get your tax clearance certificate.

2) How to get Funding: We look at the various methods of raising funds for your business and how to approach each one for the best result for you and your business.

3) How to offer Award Winning Customer Service: The business which Warrick recently sold won the top award for best customer service in SA eCommerce. He’ll teach you how to keep your customers happy!

4) How to Import Products into South Africa: We look at international product sourcing, international couriers, import licenses and how to handle SA customs.

5) How to Manage and Reduce your Customer Returns: If a customer return isn’t handled swiftly and correctly you will lose that customer forever. We’ll teach you how to do this process correctly.

6) How to sell LOTS on Takealot.com: We’ve enjoyed a LOT of success with selling on Takealot and it’s a great area for growth in your business. We’ll show you how to do it correctly so you too can make good money from this powerful sales channel.

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Extra Bonuses

Extra Bonus #1 - Lifetime Access to 5 Day Challenge

Build a basic store with just 2.5hrs of training (Valued at R1,000)

Extra Bonus #2 - Free Access to our Drop Shipping Course (Worth R4,000)

Because I want you to have ALL the tools that you need to achieve success in eCommerce, I've decided to throw in my "Drop Shipping in SA" course which we charge R4k for. Get this bonus by enrolling before the deadline. (We've also added this bonus to all the member's who've already signed up)

Get Started with Your Online Store and Enrol Today!

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  • All Training Modules & Bonuses
  • Partner Discounts and Coupons
  • Access to VIP Members-Only Group
  • 5x Weekly Coaching Videos
  • eCommerce Website Audit
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get 20% off now. Normal price R9,997

R7,997 once off

  • All Training Modules & Bonuses
  • Partner Discounts and Coupons
  • Access to VIP Members-Only Group
  • 5x Weekly Coaching Videos
  • eCommerce Website Audit
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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About Warrick Kernes

Warrick is an award winning eCommerce entrepreneur with eCom experience in South Africa and Europe. While working with an eCommerce start up in London he won the award for “London’s Outstanding Young Business Person of 2009” in the HSBC London Business Awards. In 2010 he returned home to South Africa and founded the award winning eCommerce store Action Gear. This business grew to doing well over R1m per month before Warrick exited the business. 

In 2017 Warrick had founded the Insaka eCommerce Academy to pursue his passion for helping other South African entrepreneurs to succeed with selling online. To further this goal, Warrick has  guest lectured on eCommerce at the WITS Business School to the MBA class, he’s joined the committee for the  eCommerce Forum of Africa, he regularly contributes to the Entrepreneur Magazine and he has published an ebook focused on how to start a successful online store in South Africa. In 2020 Warrick been elected to the Board of Directors for the eCommerce Forum of Africa. 

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