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This is a TRUSTED list of reputable and credible user-approved digital marketing agencies and website developers that are committed to serving eCommerce sellers with excellence.

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Since the inception of Insaka, we find ourselves in a unique position where our loyal community constantly asks us for recommendations on who to partner with to help them with their digital marketing, design, website development, social media management, copywriting, paid ads, and so much more!

And until now we haven’t had one specific location where we can send them to get access to ALL the service providers they need.

But that’s all about to change!

For the first time ever, Insaka has put together a TRUSTED one-stop-list where eCommerce sellers can go to learn more about the most REPUTABLE agencies in the biz!

And because we get recommendation requests from our community every single day, this means that the Insaka Directory will also become a trusted location where agencies can get NEW leads for their offering on a continual basis!

Not only will we be sending all our traffic to this Directory daily, but we’ll also be sending HIGHLY QUALIFIED leads to this list who are literally looking for your exact services! 

This is a massive marketing opportunity that will allow you to create more EXPOSURE for your business among your ideal target market.

Basically, being on Insaka’s Directory gives you direct access to potential clients from our community which comprises tens of thousands of entrepreneurs 😉

And if you meet our qualifying criteria, then we’re happy to recommend your business to every single one of them!

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At Insaka, it's our mission to deliver the best, high-value resources possible to our community so that we can help grow the eCommerce Industry in South Africa. 

This is where the Insaka eCommerce Directory comes in. 

This is a curated list of trustworthy and dependable agencies that online sellers can turn to with confidence when choosing preferred partners to work with.

It is the “Go-To” place where eCommerce sellers can turn for all their business needs, making partnering with agencies quick, easy and a better experience than ever before! 

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

To make this even MORE of a no brainer, I’ll be offering you a full 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If by the end of 3 months, being listed on the Insaka Directory hasn’t met your expectations, then I’ll give you ALL your money back!

Because you SHOULDN’T have to pay for something that doesn’t deliver.

I am so CONFIDENT that being on this list will bring you high quality leads that I am putting ALL the risk on me.

And if for WHATEVER reason you aren’t blown away by your experience, then all you need to do is email our customer support at [email protected] and we’ll refund you all your money back from your first 90 days! 

It’s as simple as that!

This means you can confidently invest in this Directory without any risk.

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  • High quality leads for your business
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  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • High quality leads for your business
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  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

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  • High quality leads for your business
  • Increased exposure
  • Direct access to potential clients
  • Lifetime access to be listed on the Directory
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
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About Insaka

Referred to by one student as “the solution to South Africa’s struggling online entrepreneur” Insaka is committed to helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their own online businesses.

We’ve been able to successfully build a thriving eCommerce community of over 27 000 entrepreneurs and have grown our email database to more than 49 000 people.

With more than a decade of eCommerce experience, we want to share our knowledge with others to help them avoid the mistakes we made and to accelerate their learning, growth and success online. 

Our goal is to equip entrepreneurs with the best eCommerce resources that South Africa has to offer and we’d be honored to partner with you in this pursuit.

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