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3 Days to start your own online store 


What we will cover in this Free Webinar Training

This online workshop forms part of the JCCI's Women in Business focus. It will run for 3 days over June 17th, 18th and 19th, from 09:00 to 12:00 daily. Each day will comprise an educational session, a guest eCommerce speaker and a workshop session where you'll learn how to build your own online store with the following steps: 

  1. How to register your online store 
  2. How to upload products to your site (we have sample products if you don't already have something)
  3. How to register to take credit card payments on your new site 
  4. How to design your website home page and set up the menus
  5. How to make your new site live on the internet

At the end of the workshop you'll have your own online store which has products uploaded and ready to sell via credit card and the site will be live on the internet so you will have created your own online business.

Danika Uhlmann

Representing uAfrica, Danika will give a guest presentation on eCommerce logistics so that you'll know how to deliver orders to your customers. 

Magriet Groenewald

As a social media marketing expert, Magriet will give a guest presentation on how to create the digital marketing strategy for your website.

Busi Mavunga

With successful careers in both the corporate and the entrepreneurial worlds, Busi joins us to share her real life challenges & successes. 

Meet Your Host

Warrick Kernes first started with eCommerce back in 2008. He's won multiple business awards in SA and Europe and has built SA online stores from zero to over R1m month on month with total online sales of over R100m. 

Warrick is the founder of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and has helped thousands of South African entrepreneurs to achieve more success with online selling. 


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